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For Artists

Be part of the NFT revolution, and get paid fairly for your work.

Sell your music as NFT collectiblesEarn a % of all resales for lifeClaim your nftunes.eth artist domain (ex. deadmau5.nftunes.eth)Host your own artist profile on NFTunes.coUse our premium marketing services to spread the wordOffer exclusive content for your NFT ownersReward your superfans with NFT airdrops

For Collectors

Own truly one of a kind music collectibles and be part of the NFT renaissance.

Own music NFT's from amazing artistsGet access to exclusive content from artistsShow off your collection on your nftunes.eth domain (ex. ian.nftunes.eth)Resell your music NFT's for profitBuy & sell using a trusted marketplaceBe entered into our NFT giveawaysOwn a part of history

Why sell music NFT's?

NFT's have exploded in the last 6 months, and we've seen unprecedented sales of digital art as NFT's, but the music space has largely lagged behind.

Music and NFT's are a perfect fit, allowing artists to get paid fairly for their work. No more earning pennies on streams, or having to rely on touring revenue for income (we all know what happened to that in the last year!), now artists can get paid fairly by tokenising their work, turning it into digital collectible items.

Not only can you sell your work at astonishing prices, but you'll get a percentage of sales each time your work is resold on the market. This is the future for music artists.

Why buy music NFT's?

When you buy NFT’s you not only support artists and their work, but you own a truly one of a kind, authenticated digital item. Your NFT can’t be copied, and you have the right to that copy and the right to sell it on a marketplace (for a profit), just like fine art.

The value of an NFT is in its non-fungibility and uniqueness. Just like there is only one original Van Gogh starry night. Although anyone can find an image of that painting online and print it, none of the prints have the value of the original. The same with NFT’s. Owning an NFT is owning a one of a kind original.


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